This is the web site of Aili Bresnahan, JD, PhD.

This site contains information on my background and research, a curriculum vitae, and references related to my current areas of interest, which include the philosophy of art, (particularly dance and performance), music, theatre, literature, film, the philosophy of law, mind, ethics, and culture, particularly where these areas intersect with the philosophy of art.

I am an Assistant Professor in the philosophy department and the Humanities Commons Coordinator at the University of Dayton in Ohio. In addition, I serve on the philosophy department Advisory Committee and on the Pre-Law Studies Committee.

My service to the profession includes being an Aesthetics Editor for The Philosophers' Magazine. I am also the founder and moderator of DancePhilosophers, an informal, networking and resource-sharing Google group that includes philosophers, dance studies scholars, dance historians, critics, performers, choreographers, students, and others who are interested in dance philosophy broadly construed. I am the Vice-Chair for the Diversity Caucus and on the Advisory Board for the American Society for Aesthetics Graduate E-journal for the American Society for Aesthetics. Finally, I have served as a peer-reviewer for articles in the British Journal of Aesthetics, Debates in Aesthetics, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, the Dance Research Journal, Choreographic Practices, Hypatia, The Journal of Dance Therapy, The Journal of Social Philosophy, and the Journal of Music and Meaning. For more on my personal background see my Autographical Background page. For more on my professional background see my Curriculum Vitae page.