Current Presentations

My next presentation will be in a workshop entitled "Interdisciplinary Humanities Learning at the University of Dayton" with Bill Trollinger, Marissa McCray, and Phyllis Bergiel at the Association of American Colleges and Universities' conference, Creating A 21st-Century General Education, on February 16, 2019, in San Francisco, CA.

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On April 13th, 2019, I will be presenting an invited paper on a panel on jazz dance entitled "Tap Dance as Jazz Percussion" at the 2019 Jazz Philosophy Intermodal Conference in Costa Mesa, CA. More information about that conference can be found here:

On May 24, 2019, I will be presenting a keynote address at a the following conference: "Philosophy of Performance: Beyond the Analytic/Continental Divide." More info:

University of Kent, Canterbury

Confirmed keynote presenters:

Dr. Aili Bresnahan (University of Dayton)

Dr. Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca (University of Surrey)

Dr. Tom Stern (University College London)

The last decade has seen a marked increase in interest in the philosophy of performance, from scholars in both philosophy and theatre studies, perhaps most notably with the development of the international Performance Philosophy network. Since it was developed in 2012, this network has produced a biennial conference, open access journal and book series published with Palgrave Macmillan. A notable feature of these outputs is a marked influence from the continental tradition – with book titles including Adorno and Performance, Zizek and Performance and Beckett, Deleuze and Performance. At the same time, philosophers such as Aili Bresnahan, Tom Stern and James R. Hamilton working within the analytic and/or pragmatist traditions of aesthetics are making important contributions to the philosophy of dance and theatre.

This conference, which is a collaboration between the Aesthetics Research Centre at the University of Kent and the Centre for Performance Philosophy at the University of Surrey, aims to bridge this gap between scholarship in the continental and analytic traditions. It will bring together philosophers and performance scholars from both traditions to engage in dialogue, in the hope that this can be the start of a productive collaborative conversation on the aesthetics of theatre, dance and performance.

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This conference is supported by the British Society for Aesthetics, with additional support from the Aesthetics Research Centre at the University of Kent and the Centre for Performance Philosophy at the University of Surrey.