This is the web site of Aili Bresnahan, JD, PhD.

This site contains my background information, curriculum vitae, and various other links and references related to my current areas of interest, which include, in no particular order, the philosophy of art, performance, dance, music, theater, literature and film, and the philosophy of law, language, mind, ethics and culture where these areas intersect with the philosophy of art. I am particularly interested in how the methodology of American Pragmatism might be brought to bear on these areas of inquiry.

My dissertation for the PhD in philosophy from Temple University in Pennsylvania was entitled, Dance as Art: A Studio-Based Account,  which was an attempt to create a philosophy of dance that focused in particular on what dance choreographers and performers contribute to dance as art as it is experienced and appreciated in live performance.  My dissertation committee was comprised of my Advisor, Joseph Margolis (Philosophy), Philip Alperson (Philosophy), Miriam Solomon (Philosophy), Karen E. Bond (Dance) and Elisabeth Camp (Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania).

In my current position I am a Lecturer in Aesthetics in the Philosophy Department of the University of Dayton in Ohio, where so far I have taught Philosophy of Art, Philosophy and Film, Philosophy and Literature, Philosophy of Music and Philosophy of Human Rights, Introduction to Philosophy and Philosophy and Theater/Dance: Performing Human Identity, a course I developed with the Theater/Dance program that includes both theoretical and practical components. I will teach Philosophy of Law this Spring. 

I am also the moderator of DancePhilosophers, an informal networking google group that includes philosophers, dance studies scholars, dance historians, critics, performers, choreographers, students and others who are interested in dance philosophy broadly construed.